Ski and snowboard eyewear safety tips

The following Eyewear sites include informative and educational links to eye safety, recognizing, preventing and treating sight problems, sunglasses, goggles, UVB protection and retailers.

  • 7Eye by Panoptx - Offers stylish ski and snowboard eyewear along with a full range of other sport models.
  • ABC News - Tips for Picking the Best Shades covering health issues, UVB protection, cost, important features and effects of tints.
  • All About Vision - Ski Goggles: A Buyer's Guide for Skiers and Snowboarders, covering shopping choices, lens tints and coatings, UV protection, peripheral vision, fit, anti-fogging and safety.
  • - Provides Bolle's Tips for Wearing Goggles over Corrective Eyewear covering prescription optical systems, and goggles over eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Prevent Blindness - Provides information concerning eye problems, safety (including sports), on-line eye test, and news.
  • Preventing Injuries In Winter Sports - This article by David H. Janda, M.D. covers their current policies and positions on protective sports eyewear.
  • SportRx - A San Diego eyewear shop, since 1996, offering prescription and nonprescription goggles, snow goggles and ski goggles - both on site and online. Call in optician services. Free Shipping and easy returns.
  • There's More to Sports Eyewear than Meets the Eye - Article from oobgolf, Inc. outlining dangers and safety tips for outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • UVEX - Manufacturer of ski goggles, sport glasses and helmets.
  • VisionCenter - This comprehensive site provides "medically accurate content for all things vision". Information includes detailed eye conditions, vision correction practices, and treatment options.
  • Williams Eye Works - New York (Staten Island) retail shop offering online services including contacts, glasses, sunglasses, prescription goggles - see their novel Virtual Try On feature that allows uploading your picture to see how various frames will look. Now offering Oakley, in addition to all the best fashion frames.

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