Ski and snowboard equipment purchase tips

The following links to Equipment Purchasing Tips sites include reviews, tests, comparisons, buying tips and advice. In addition, check our Magazine/Ezine links for more buying tips, reviews and equipment comparisons.

  • Crazy Snow Boarder - Specs and reviews for many snowboards; results can be filtered by year, brand and item type.
  • First Tracks - Online Ski Magazine equipment articles.
  • - Ski and snowboard reviews.
  • Outside online - Ski, snowboard, snowshoe, eyewear and apparel descriptions.
  • - Ski reviews extracted from their subscription site.
  • SITSKI - Reviews of mono-ski equipment.
  • - Ski manufacturer descriptions and user reviews.
  • - This Skinet site includes links to Ski and Skiing magazine articles, including equipment reviews and comparisons.
  • SnowHeads - Ski and snowboard discussion forum.

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