Ski and snowboard winter driving safety tips

The following sites provide skiers and snowboarders with winter driving tips for safety on snowy and icy roads, slush, fog; plus winterizing, road conditions, maintenance, chains and tires, survival kits, survival skills, route planning and clothing.

  • - Canadian site with winter driving tips including: See and be seen, Slow down, Make room in front of/behind you, Leave extra space when stopped and many more.
  • Be Prepared for a Winter Storm - From the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this site includes tips to prepare yourself and your car for severe winter weather.
  • Bridgestone Winter Driving School - Learn to drive on snow and ice at Steamboat, CO.
  • Caltrans Highway Information Network - California DTO winter driving tips.
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety - Driving Tips: Winter
  • Canadian Winter Driving Tips - Winter driving brochure, full of great safety tips; including: getting your vehicle ready for winter, snow tires, emergency kits and checking your lights, brakes and battery.
  • Car Safety & Insurance - General safety information and a smartphone app from the Missouri Department of Insurance.
  • Cotrip - Colorado road and weather conditions
  • Defensive Driving - NYS Driver Manual - Winter driving tips from the NYS DMV Driver's Manual
  • Elephant Auto Insurance - Winter driving facts across the United States.
  • Missouri DOT - Winter Driving Tips including these subjects: Before the Trip, Equip Your Vehicle With, During the Trip and If You're Trapped in your Car.
  • MSN autos- Winter driving tips from the experts
  • NJ Office of Emergency Management - Weather and road updates, safety tips, and more.
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation - Winter Driving checklist including maintenance, road conditions, tires, route planning, clothing and other tips.
  • - Winter Driving Tips from Progressive Insurance's seasonal driving resource; links are also provided to other important weather safety subjects.
  • Road & Travel Magazine - Provides the Bridgestone/Firestone detailed list of winter driving tips developed with race car and ice driving champion Peter Cunningham.
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Winter Driving Tips including: Preparing your vehicle, Planning your journey, Driving in ice, snow, fog and sun, rescue equipment, fatigue, skidding and getting unstuck.
  • State Farm Insurance - Winter Weather Driving Tips: Preparation, Car Kit, Survival and other practical information.
  • Transport Canada - Safe Driving Tips including core safety, drinking & driving, tire safety, commercial traffic, rail crossings, cell phone use and winter driving.
  • UK Department for Transport - Think: winter driving tips including weather conditions, handling trouble, vehicle condition, maintenance, dealing with ice, slush, fog, sun, rain, floods, salting and ploughing.
  • Washington State DOT - The official home page for WSDOT.
  • The Weather Channel - Driving Safety Tips: Driving in Snow and Ice.
  • Wisconsin DOT - Winter Driving tips at the Safety & Consumer Protection site.

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